Apple released the iPad tablet computer on April 3. After 28 days, the company claims it shipped one million units in the US alone.

With its ability to play H.264 video at up to 1024×768-pixel resolution on its 9.7-inch LED-backlit LCD panel, the iPad makes a pretty decent video player.

However, it also has another trick up its sleeve – you can hook the iPad up to a data projector.

What you need is the iPad dock-to-VGA adapter cable. Plug the dock end into the iPad and then take a VGA cable, plug it into the other end of the adapter and then plug the other end of the VGA cable into the back of your data projector.

Provided your projector can support 1024×768-pixel video signals, you should be able to view the iPad’s output on the screen. Most older SVGA (800×600-pixel) projectors for example can down-sample 1024×768-pixel input to fit correctly on the screen.

The adapter will sell in Australia for $39 as of May 28 but you can buy it in the US for $29 now.

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