Smartphone maker Motorola has announced the arrival of its new Android-powered QUENCH smartphone in Australia.

The new model features a virtual keyboard plus a lite version of Adobe Flash.

The Android phone includes MotoBlur, Motorola’s content download service that syncs content from a range of sources including social networking sites Facebook, MySpace and Twitter and will sync with Google Gmail.

Users will also be able to purchase music direct online and integrate with YouTube.

The phone itself comes with dual microphones and noise-cancelling technology. It also features a five-megapixel (5MP) digital camera with autofocus and LED flash.

In the event the phone is lost, personal information can be remotely erased through MotoBlur.

QUENCH will be available exclusively through Optus dealers from today for $0 cost upfront on Optus’ 24-month $19 plan.

Search giant Google released the Android operating system in November 2007 and stated as of February 2010, 60,000 Android phones were sold every day.

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