Model: Kworld DVD Maker 2
Rating: 7.5 out of 10
Price: $70 street

Backing up your old family videos stored on VHS tapes is becoming an important issue as VHS recorders begin to fade into the annals of history. Kworld’s DVD Maker 2 is designed to turn those old tapes (and any analog video format up to DVD resolution) into digital video so you can either store on your PC or burn straight to DVD.

The package includes CyberLink PowerDirector 7 video capture software as well as PowerProducer 5 to author that video onto DVD media. However, the main device that does all of the work is a tiny USB flash drive-sized device with a USB plug on one end and an array of analog video and audio ports on the other. Basically, DVD Maker 2 will accept PAL or NTSC analog video either in composite video or S-video format with stereo audio through two RCA sockets.

It can capture video in either 720×576-pixel/25fps PAL format or 720×480-pixel/30fps NTSC standard, which you then turn into appropriate DVDs for playback in your component DVD or Blu-ray player or on your PC through the DVD drive.

Our test unit worked straight out of the box on our Windows 7 test system however, we did notice some feint narrow shadow bands on the video that weren’t on the original footage (captured on an HD video capture being output through the analog video as a test feed).

That makes us a little cautious about the unit, which is a pity because the general video quality – the colour and saturation – were very good compared with other similar devices selling under the $100 mark.

Still, for the price of about $70 on the street, it may still prove to be a useful option and certainly the software bundle helps.

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