Model: Samsung ML-1660
Rating: 7 out of 10
Price: $129 inc. GST (street)

This recently released model from Samsung comes in at a very tidy $129 price tag and is one of the smallest laser printers on the market. Like most budget models, it connects to your PC via USB only but features 1200x600dpi (dots per inch) resolution and claims a print speed of 16 pages per minute (ppm).

In actual real-life applications, it’s just a little slower than that – printing our a 10-page Microsoft Word all-text document on A4 paper, the ML-1660 took exactly 10seconds to spit out the first page and 48.65seconds altogether to pump out all ten pages.

Print quality on text is basically as good as you’d expect, although the character formation, particularly on serif fonts, was just slightly thinner than with HP’s LaserJet P1005.

When it came to printing out photos, our test unit produced noticeable banding, which we think would make it unsuited to that line of work. This may have been a result of our test unit, we cannot be certain as our test unit was given to us before the ML-1660 had been released.

The replacement toner cartridge will cost you roughly $100 and last 1500 pages so it’s a little more expensive to run than the Canon LaserShot LBP3100B.

Overall, if you’re looking to print images as much as text, we probably wouldn’t choose this one first but for text, it’d do a fine job – just watch those running costs.

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