The iPad has a lot of hype surrounding it at the moment but the important thing is to remember that it’s just a normal computing device running from a battery. That means to maximise battery run time, you need to reduce power consumption and to do that, you need to follow a few basic tips that work with any portable computing device.

1. Drop screen brightness

The LCD screen backlighting will consume power so if you drop the screen brightness, you’ll conserve power and enable the battery to last longer.

2. Turn off Wi-Fi (and 3G when it arrives)

Wireless features are great but they too chew through battery power. So, turn these off if you don’t need them and that’ll also help conserve power.

3. Turn off location services

Every time you access maps, you’re using up battery power so if you can do this less frequently, you’ll extend the iPad’s battery life.

4. Carefully choose the apps you download

Not all apps are designed for the iPad’s power management capabilities so beware of apps you download – they may interfere with the iPad’s screen brightness dimming or CPU power management. Those apps using location services too will provide added load to the battery.

5. Cycle the battery once a month

It’s important you charge the battery at least once a month if you’re not using it regularly – this just keeps the battery in tip-top condition.

6. Turn off email auto-checking

Any action that relies on wireless communication, such as auto-checking of your email, will put extra strain on the battery so either don’t do it, or do it less often will help the battery last longer.

7. Lock your iPad

If you’re not using it, lock your iPad – this will ensure that it isn’t accidentally activated when its in your bag. The iPad has an auto-lock feature that can be set to activate after a set time period. This can also be a useful feature.

You can get more information direct from Apple’s website.

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