Flash maker Adobe Systems today announced it had released its Flash Player 10.1 to mobile phone vendors.

The new version has been designed from scratch according to an Adobe statement and will allow mobile users to get access to a wide range of rich content from games to movies and music.

The new release will be available for Android smartphone and tablet users but they’ll need to upgrade to version 2.2 “Froyo” of Google’s lightweight mobile operating system.

Adobe also announced it had released the new version for other platforms including webOS, BlackBerry, future version of Windows Phone, LiMo, Symbian and MeeGo operating systems but would most likely be made available via over-the-air downloads for existing products.

The company expects it to be preloaded on new smartphones, tablets and devices in the “coming months”.

The new Flash Player 10.1 has gained support from all the usual suspects – ARM, Brightcove, Dell, Google, HTC, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, RIM, Samsung, Texas Instruments for starters as well as a wide range of content producers including AgencyNet, AKQA, Armor Games, Atlantic Records, Blitz, CNET.com, HBO, JustinTV, Kongregate, Mattel, Mochi Media, Msnbc Digital Network, Turner, Nickelodeon, Odopod, Photobucket, RAIN, Roundarch, Sony Pictures, South Park Studios, USA Network, Viacom and Warner Brothers.

Adobe has included support for accelerometer activation inside 10.1, allowing users to view content easily in either portrait or landscape mode by simply rotating the screen (provided the device has an accelerometer on board).

With Apple boss Steve Jobs claiming Flash has issues with power management recently, Adobe claims to have made strides in battery performance with new Smart Rendering (flash content is only running when it becomes visible on screen) and Sleep Mode (slows the player down when in screensaver mode) reducing power consumption.

One of the other key features is Smart Zooming, enabling users to scale content to full screen.

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