It appears as though demand for Apple’s iPad shows no sign of waning – that’s the news from Apple’s suppliers, who are ringing in the cash bonanza of supplying the 9.7-inch touchscreen LCD panels that are the hallmark of the new device.

In a report on, Samsung Electronics will join LG Display in producing the panels for Apple’s iPad, starting off with an estimated 300,000 to 500,000 per month when production begins in July.

The report added that LG Display has been steadily ramping up its production since it began producing the panels in February this year. For that month, the company created 300,000 panels. By March, this had risen to 470,000 with an estimated 800,000 to 900,000 panels delivered by May.

Digitimes claims that with monthly shipments now reaching 1.2million, shipments by the end of the year could reach 2.5million per month.

The current cost the screen with the touchpanel is estimated at $US80-90 according to the report.

Apple launched the iPad tablet on April 3 in the US, later announcing it had sold 1million devices in the first month and two million within 60 days of launch.

The iPad went of sale for the first time outside the US on May 28.

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