If you’re sitting there cursing your slow mobile broadband provider, take comfort – things aren’t as bad as they used to be.

That’s the word from market researchers IDC, who have released the details of its second annual mobile broadband competitiveness tests.

In fact, things have improved markedly with download speeds up by 68% on average, while upload speeds improved even further – by a whopping 169%.

The average download speed via wireless broadband in 2009 was 2941Kbps. Upload speeds averaged 1238Kbps for the year while latency times were down by 71%, improving from an average of 447milliseconds to just 129ms.

As for the winners and grinners, Telstra took top spot again with download speeds nearing 60% faster than its nearest competitor. However, in something of a surprise, Optus has come out just 4% behind Telstra’s result with significant performance improvements over the year.

“Optus’ performance soared in 2009, scoring similarly to Telstra, although slightly more network fallback was experienced. However, performance was fairly consistent and well above both of VHA’s networks. Optus now provides a viable alternative to Telstra for anyone willing to sacrifice some coverage and speed, in favour of cost savings,” said Mark Novosel, Market Analyst, Telecommunications, IDC Australia.

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