It seems as though depending on who you talk to, you’ll either love or hate 3D television.

And it seems that LCD panel manufacturers are listening to that sentiment, hopeful but cautious about future demand for the technology.

What makes 3DTV work is the higher-speed 240Hz LCD panels that, in conjunction with 3D glasses, provides the refresh rate fast enough to make viewing 3D images possible.

Taiwanese LCD panel manufacturers are soon to reach volume production of 240Hz panels according to a report in with Samsung hoping to ship 3.6million LED TVs, Sony 2.2million, Panasonic 1.1million and LG one million units this year.

However, the report expresses concerns about whether demand will increase as expected.

The lead-up to the Christmas is usually a highpoint for TV sales, particularly in Australia. And while numbers of 3DTVs available here are low, most manufacturers (and retailers) will be hoping for sufficient supply to meet the expected demand.

The problem vendors face is a lack of content.

A report in DigitalChoices says that while 845,000 sets will be estimated sold around the world by the end of the year, only one-in-eight of those households will actually being watching 3D programming.

However, with 3D-ready Blu-ray players and some content, TV retaileres are likely to do deals offering bonus disc content and players to seal the sale. Given the recent serious falls in TV prices, retailers in particular will be hoping demand for 3DTV remains high.

[EDIT: 14 May 2013 - DigitalChoices link removed at its request - was]

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