Mozilla Foundation developers have come up with a solution to the all-too-common problem of plugins causing the Firefox browser to keel over.

Releasing the new Firefox 3.6.4 for Linux and Windows, lead developer Mike Beltzner says the new version will handle plugin crashes more gracefully.

“Results from our beta testing show Firefox 3.6.4 will significantly reduce the number of Firefox crashes experienced by users who are watching online videos or playing games. When a plugin crashes or freezes while using Firefox, users can enjoy uninterrupted browsing by simply refreshing the page.” Beltzner wrote on the Mozilla blog page.

The new release provides specific crash protection for Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime and Microsoft Silverlight. Support for other plugins and other operating systems is said to be coming in a future release of Firefox.

This update also fixes a number of security issues including a number of overflow vulnerabilities that could enable hackers to run and install code without the user knowing it.

You can grab the new update at

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