Opera Software, developers of the Opera web browser, have released the first beta of its new 10.60 version with claims of as much as 75% more speed on Javascript-based code.

Well, we think it’s 75%. The company’s press release say 50% but the website says 75%.

We’ll let you try it out and see which figure is correct.

Amongst the new features are Geolocation, the browser now automatically works out where you are by your IP address to ensure search results are accurate to your area.

And making good on its promise at Google I/O last month, the new beta also supports Google’s WebM video format, the combination of the newly-open-sourced VP8 video codec that Google gained when it purchased On2 Technologies earlier in the year, and the Vorbis audio codec.

Opera also now incorporates HTML5 Appcache that basically allows users to work on online documents, spreadsheets and the like, even if they’re not online, and Web Workers that enables the browser to handle high-performance computations without bogging down the browser engine itself.

Opera has also announced that it will be unifying all versions to 10.60, skipping the 10.5x Final version for Linux and releasing Windows/Mac OSX/Linux versions all at the same time.

Users who don’t mind mucking around with beta code can try out the new version by downloading it from the Opera website.

[EDIT: Sorry, we botched the Opera weblink - it works now!]

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