A survey by handset maker Ericsson has found that there are now over 500million 3G phone/data subscriptions around the world and that demand is strong enough to handle two million signups per day.

In total, the world has just passed the five billion mobile subscription mark, which was estimated to have occurred on July 8 according to Ericsson.

Mobile broadband subscriptions are also growing a decent clip – up from 360million in 2009 to an expected 3.4billion by 2015.

It all goes towards the company’s expectation that there will be an astonishing 50billion mobile devices by the year 2020.

The company says that “soon”, 80% of people accessing the internet will be doing so from a mobile device.

The huge growth in mobile communications is being driven by demand in the growth areas of India and China, according to the Ericsson report.

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