Wouldn’t it be great if you lost your notebook power brick or somehow it was damaged that you could just walk into a computer shop and pick up an off-the-shelf replacement?

Current notebook computers use a range of voltages and current ratings that requires numerous power bricks to be available and that makes standardised power pricks an impossibility.

However, a new plan amongst Taiwan’s major notebook players, backed by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), is aiming to make it a reality.

ASUS and Acer along with the big notebook manufacturers – Quanta, Compal and Wistron – are said to be voicing their support in a Digitimes.com report.

The IEEE is wanting to reduce electronic waste by enabling one power brick to support multiple notebooks and computing devices. In the future, it may become an option to buy a notebook with or without a power brick, reducing the need for as many power bricks but also reducing clutter if required.

The idea though is likely to have rammifications on the power brick industry since lower numbers of power bricks will be needed.

According to the report, it’s only early days and it will take some time to sort through but with the major ODM (original design manufacturer) brands on-board, there’s every chance in the future that your old Dell power brick could one day power an HP computer – or vice versa.

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