The global financial crisis may be leaving markets with uncertainty but PC vendors appear to be shaking off last year’s gloom with a booming return to form, according to the latest research from Gartner.

According to the market analysis firm, worldwide PC shipments increased 21% for the June quarter over the same period last year and were better than expected. However, in a worrying trend for sellers, average selling prices continued their decline, just not at the same rate as we’ve seen over the last two years.

As we’ve reported previously, sales of mini-notebooks or “netbooks” slowed significantly during the quarter according to the research. The market segment still saw growth in the order of low-20% range but that compares with 70% or more for the previous two quarters.

Overall, 82.867million PCs and notebooks were shipped during the quarter.

Taking the top spot, was HP with 14.455million and a 17.4% market share. While it grew its sales by 12.3% over the same quarter for 2009, its market share actually dropped from 18.8% a year ago.

In second place came Taiwanese PC giant Acer, which took second place away from US giant Dell, after gaining its first 10million-plus shipments for a quarter. Acer sold 10.796million systems in that period, taking 13% world market share and growing its sales 31.6% over the same period in 2009.

Third place was taken by Dell with 10.283million and 12.4% market share. It saw 19% growth over last year’s result but dropped market share from 13%.

Chinese PC brand Lenovo kept hold of fourth spot with 8.310million shipments and 10% market share. That represented a huge 47% growth in shipments over the same period last year.

And entering the top five for the first time was Taiwanese notebook maker ASUS, shipping 4.317million systems, taking 5.2% market share as well as fifth spot from rival Toshiba. ASUS saw a massive 78% growth in shipments over its second-quarter 2009 result.

Of that world figure of 82.867million shipments, the US accounted for over 17.9million according to Gartner.

Company 2Q10 Shipments 2Q10 Market Share (%) 2Q09 Shipments 2Q09 Market Share (%) 2Q09-2Q10 Growth (%)
HP 14,455.2 17.4 12,869.0 18.8 12.3
Acer 10,796.0 13.0 8,203.4 12.0 31.6
Dell 10,283.2 12.4 8,644.2 12.6 19.0
Lenovo 8,310.8 10.0 5,645.8 8.2 47.2
ASUS 4,317.9 5.2 2,419.2 3.5 78.5
Toshiba 4,222.3 5.1 3,312.5 4.8 27.5
Others 30,481.8 36.8 27,537.4 40.1 10.7
Total 82,867.2 100.0 68,631.5 100.0 20.

Source: Gartner

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