The trouble surrounding Toshiba’s Satellite T130 notebook range have now touched down in Australia with the company’s Australian division releasing a statement on the 41,000 notebook recall affecting its US and European divisions.

The company says that although no Australian consumers have reported incidents of overheating around the AC adapter plug on its Satellite T130 notebook range, it is making a firmware BIOS update available for consumers to check.

In a statement, Toshiba’s Australian PR said “The US, Canada and European markets have experienced a limited number of incidents regarding the issue which have been addressed swiftly with a BIOS download from their local country websites. The Update will determine if there is a potential issue and if so, immediately disable external power of the product, preventing it from overheating.”

Any Australian consumers who are concerned that they may have one of the notebooks in question are advised to head to and get the latest information.

The BIOS update is available directly from Toshiba’s Australian website at

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