Taiwanese notebook and PC component maker ASUS is about to begin its assault on the tablet market with a number of tablets to be released before the end of 2010.

According to a report in Digitimes.com, the company will launch three new tablets – seven-inch, nine-inch and 12-inch models – as early as December 2010.

The first model will be the 12-inch version to be based on Intel CPU technology and Microsoft Windows operating system. According to ASUS boss, Jerry Shen, Microsoft has helped beef up Windows 7′s touch controls and user interface.

Four new models are expected during the first quarter of 2011 – two seven-inch models and two nine-inch units. The company will be taking an each-way bet approach to its nine-inch tablets with one based on Intel/Microsoft technology, the other using Nvidia’s ARM-based Tegra II processor and Google Android operating system.

One of the concerns we have with Windows 7 as a touchscreen operating system for tablet devices is that the basic user interface does not cope well being operated as a touch interface. The Windows 7 desktop interface may well be operable as a touchscreen when you have a 22- or 24-inch screen to work with but when you’re trying to tap icons or hypertext on a 12- or 10-inch screen, the basic environment in our opinion just isn’t suited to touchscreen use.

Just how ASUStek and Microsoft have been able to work together to improve Windows 7′s user interface for touchscreens will be keenly anticipated.

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