Display panels are becoming the latest battleground in the ever-booming smartphone war. Even with a number of different technologies available, demand is outstripping supply, so much so, that Japanese electronics giant Toshiba was reportedly forced today to dispell rumours that Apple was buying into its Toshiba Mobile Display subsidiary.

The three main technologies competing at the moment are IPS (in-plain switching LCD) used in Apple’s iPhone 4 Retina display, AMOLED (organic light-emitting diode), all but owned by Korean company Samsung and SLCD or Super LCD, used by HTC in its Desire smartphone.

The display panels are one of the most complex parts in any smartphone and the most difficult to get right so its no surprise that demand for high-quality panels is exceeding manufacturing capacity.

Rumours of an Apple buy-in with Toshiba are not surprising as this was also rumoured to be Apple’s solution to securing sufficient flash memory in previous years as it ramped up production of its iPod Touch and nano media players from supplier Samsung.

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