Cloud storage service Dropbox has reached 1.0 status and includes better performance and accordingot the company blog posting, hundreds of bug fixes.

Those bug fixes include invalid file name issues under Windows, locked Word and Excel files.

Dropbox is also more efficient with hardware, reducing its memory usage by up to 50% as well as faster and easier to use.

We’re super excited to announce the new hotness that we’ve been cooking up for the past few months: Dropbox 1.0! In addition to hundreds (yep, hundreds) of bug fixes, vastly reduced resource usage (think of it as the Prius model of Dropbox), Dropbox 1.0 (“Rainbow Shell”) also offers support for extended attributes, selective sync, and a shiny new installation wizard“, said John Ying.

The Mac version has been rewritten to only use the Cocoa interface, which has reportedly helped reduce the size of the Mac OS X version of Dropbox by 20%.

Other improvements include a new user interface setup that’s more intuitive, rewritten for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Amongst the new features is Selective Sync – rather than syncing your entire Dropbox to a low-storage device such as an SSD netbook, you can now choose which folders you want to sync.

You can grab Dropbox 1.0 here.

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