Data projectors, unlike other technology product categories, haven’t been seeing the massive price drops that we’ve seen in other areas such as big-screen TVs. However, projector specialist Epson has taken the covers off its latest range of super-thin projectors.

The new EB-1700-series features four models – the entry-level EB-1750, the mid-range EB-1760W and EB-1770W and the top-drawer EB-1775W.

All models feature a surprisingly thin 45mm thick chassis, which handles the lens, the lamp, everything.

We’ll get to the specs in a second, but the most impressive feature of these projectors is the cost of the replacement lamps – at just $119 inc. GST, they’re the cheapest lamps in Australia but a country mile.

The base EB-1750 model is only XGA (1024×768-pixel) resolution but all of the “W” models feature 1280×800-pixel resolution.

Prices start from $1199 for the EB-1750, which delivers 2600/1400 ANSI Lumens in High/Low brightness. The $1399 EB-1760W is the cheapest of the widescreen models and delivers 2600/1700 ANSI Lumens in High/Low modes. The EB-1770W comes in at $1699 with 3000/1700 High/Low ANSI Lumens and the top-drawer EB-1775W will set you back $1999 however, while it has the same basic features as the EB-1770W, it also includes horizonal AND vertical keystone correction and a one-touch auto-setup system that gets the projector ready automatically inside four seconds.

The other feature exclusively built into the 1775W but available as an option on the 1760W and 1770W models is 802.11b/g/n wireless networking – that means you can project your business presentations straight to the projector without having to cable it up to your notebook or other presenting tool.

All three widescreen options feature HDMI input and will downscale from up to 1080p input (so yes, that means you can hook up your Blu-ray player or PS3/Xbox/whatever gaming console). And with each unit weighing just 1.7kgs, you’re not going to have to worry too much about portability.

While the replacement lamps for all four models are just $119 each, Epson has been far less forthcoming on how long these little lamps actually last. As soon as we find out we’ll let you know.

UPDATE: Epson’s Australian PR has told us the lamps are good for 4000 hours in normal and 5000 hours in eco mode. That definitely makes them the best bang-for-buck projector lamps going around.

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