In an era where most kids under 15 would be lucky to have seen a film camera, FujiFilm is hoping a bit of retro will be popular this year with the release of two new instant-print film-based cameras.

The new Instax range includes the Instax Mini 7S (left) that uses Instax ISO800 colour film to produce 6.2×4.6cm prints.

The Instax 210 is what FujiFilm is calling a “commercial grade” instant camera that using Instax Wide colour film to produce 9.9×6.2cm prints.

The Instax Wide film pack gives you just 10 prints. However, one interesting aspect of the film is that FujiFilm says on its website information PDF that the prints (or the processing fluid on the prints) are slightly caustic for about 10 minutes after first popping out while they develop and suggest:

Avoid skin contact with this processing fluid during this time. Should you get some of this processing fluid on your skin, flush it off immediately with lots of water. If any of the fluid gets into your mouth or eyes, flush the affected area immediately with lots of water, then see your doctor.

So definitely use with a bit of care.

And be careful when taking one of these cameras overseas:

Airport baggage inspection equipment use X-rays that may cause irreparable damage to film, including streaking in the final photos. It is thus recommended that you present film packs and loaded cameras to airport security personnel for visual inspection when passing through a baggage check.

The Mini 7S will sell for $163 RRP and the 210 for $176.

[Update: We asked FujiFilm's PR to let us know how much the film costs. The response? "FujiFilm does not supply RRPs on film." Clueless.]

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