Australian entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan is seemingly aiming to be the next Julian Assange after launching a new website today.

Aimed at providing inside information on “dodgy business practices in retail and trade around the world”, aims to give consumers a whistleblower website, enabling them to find out what’s happening behind the front doors.

“We get to pass judgement on our governments once every three or four years, but we judge retailers and traders on a daily basis. We know that most retailers are open and honest, but we also know there is a lot of dodgy scheming and deception in the world of trade. The problem is there is no way for the average consumer to stay informed about this secrecy. TradeLeaks is here to change that. Customers¬† can now learn the truth about any retailer out there and make more educated decisions with their hard earned money.” Kogan said in a statement.

The site, which is up and running now, already gives mention to some of Australia’s biggest companies including Coles, JB Hi-Fi and Foxtel.

Kogan says the site will remain completely open and transparent and posts will only be removed if they are found to be defamatory without fact. As a result, he expect the site to show up a few companies and raise a few eyebrows.

“If you start to see businesses complaining about TradeLeaks, you will know that their businesses probably have some skeletons in their closets.” he said.

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