LG Flatron W2486L
Rating: 7 out of 10
Price: $370 Contact: LG Electronics Phone: 1300 542 273
Web: www.lge.com.au

VERDICT: Low power consumption but contrast levels don’t appear as good as claimed.

The Flatron W2486L from LG is the second LED-backlit LCD monitor we looked at this week offering huge contrast levels.

LG claims it to have a contrast ratio of 2M:1 although this is dynamic, which means its achieved by modulating the LED backlighting, which isn’t quite the same thing as true contrast.

The panel itself is a 24-inch 1920×1080-pixel resolution TN (twisted nematic) type. That means its fast (the response time is just two milliseconds) but also has fairly ordinary vertical viewing angles (particularly from below).

The W2486L comes with a decent number of inputs – VGA, DVI and HDMI. Interface controls are touch operated on the bottom right front face.

One of the benefits of LED backlighting is lower power consumption. At 100% brightness levels, the W2486L consumes just 25.3-watts on the Windows 7 desktop, which is remarkably low. At a useable 70% level, it drops to 19.3-watts.

Despite the stellar-sounding contrast, we felt this one was actually a little weak in this area. The actual real contrast ratio is said to be 1000:1 but with a brightness level of only 250cd/m2, you’re not really starting a long way in front.

The bigger problem is sheer value – with some 24-inch CCFL monitors selling for just over $210, we don’t think the W2486L does enough to warrant the price tag.

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