Hard drive giant Seagate has launched what it claims to be the fastest Green desktop drives.

Spinning at 5900RPM, the new 3.5-inch Barracuda Green drives feature Seagate’s SmartAlign technology that basically aligns data into 4KB sector sizes as well as maximising drive performance.

The “Green” moniker comes from its 70% of materials being recyclable and use of low Halogen components.

The drives come in 1000GB, 15000GB and 2000GB capacities and are said to be available worldwide.

There is no word on local Australian pricing at time of publishing.

The hard drive market is about to go through a time of flux as drive capacities push beyond 2000GB (2TB), forcing motherboard changes for virtually all Windows PCs.

The use of 32-bit LBA (logical block addressing) in all recent Wintel motherboards means the largest hard drive capacity capable of most systems in 2.19TB.

Larger 2.5TB and 3TB drives will require new systems with UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) in order to be able to run as operating system drives instead of just storage drives.

Western Digital has already released new 2.5TB and 3TB hard drives that include a bundled PCI-E adapter card that enables older systems to access the entire drive capacity by translating LBA access into 4KB sector calls, similar to the method used by Seagate in these new Barracuda drives.

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