Digital photo frames have become a pretty popular way to view your digital photos.

And they’re pretty easy to use too – just copy your photos to the frame’s internal storage or to a flash card and plug it in. The frame is clever enough to resize photos to fit its LCD panel.

But there’s one problem with that – in order to fit the photo to the LCD panel resolution, the panel has to throw away as much as 95% of the pixels in order for it to fit.

An average 10-megapixel phot takes up about 5MB. On a digital photo frame with either 2GB of internal storage or a 2GB flash card, that’s only 400 photos.

FotoFrame is a new photo tool that will resize a folder full of photos down to the correct size of your digital photo frame, so instead of just 400 photos, you can get as many as 15,000 onto a 2GB storage capacity.

Check it out at the FotoFrame website.

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