There are plenty of Android tablets available already and if you’re itching to get your hands on one, stick your hands in your pocket, sit on them if you have to but whatever you do, wait.

Current Android tablets are turning up with 1024×600-pixel screens – basically the equivalent of 10-inch netbook screens. The problem is that the latest available version on almost all tablets – Android 2.2 (Froyo) – is not equiped to handle this resolution.

Froyo at best can handle 854×480-pixel resolution, which means that the larger tablet displays look quite fuzzy and soft in focus – that’s because the Android screen has to resized or scaled up to fit the native resolution of the tablet panel. And that’s always a recipe for disaster.

This is why you need to wait – the next version of Android, known as Gingerbread or 2.3, turns up very shortly and it does have support for larger screens. Now you might find some issues with older games not scaling well to the larger 1024×600-pixel resolution but Gingerbread itself is designed to give you a much better look with pixel-for-pixel matching.

It looks like the first cab off the Gingerbread rank will likely be the Motorola Xoom with Samsung’s Galaxy 2 tablet not far behind.

Buy a Froyo-based tablet now and you’ll wish you’d waited when the Gingerbread tablets roll into town.

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