PC giant Acer has today launched its first pico LED projector.

The C20 is a DLP (digital light processing) technology projector with WVGA (800×480-pixel) resolution with built-in HDMI and USB input.

Output brightness is 20 ANSI lumens and the device will operate for two hours on its built-in battery. LED lamp life is rated at 20,000 hours.

It’s available now $349. An optional 15-inch screen sells for $49.

ANALYSIS: The main problem with all of these pico projectors is the lack of light output. The 20 ANSI Lumens on offer here appears no different. You’ll need a darkened room to get a decent image. The fact this one offers 16:9 aspect ratio output is a plus on most that offer 640×480-pixel resolution only, but the basic issue is you” struggle to get enough light out of one of these.

If you’re considering something to give a bigger-than-TV image on a budget, there are a number of SVGA (800×600-pixel) DLP projectors including Acer’s own X1161 with 2500 ANSI lumen output selling for as little as $550 in Australian online. Replacement lamp costs are usually an issue with high-output projectors with replacement lamps lasting around 4000 hours and costing $200 or more. It depends on what you’re looking for.

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