Australian tech forum site Whirlpool is buzzing with speculation that the local Australian pricing for Apple’s iPad 2 has been leaked.

Forum member Brown2Hornet claims to have obtained the actual pricing but is keeping quiet on where it’s from.

As Apple has said nothing, all speculation is just that. However, the pricing looks to be pretty close to what we’ve already thought.

16GB Wi-Fi $579
32GB Wi-Fi $689
64GB Wi-Fi $799
16GB Wi-Fi + 3G $729
32GB Wi-Fi + 3G $839
64GB Wi-Fi + 3G $949

The Australian prices include GST, which accounts for part of the price disparity with the US release. However, based on an Aussie dollar in parity with the US dollar, there would seem to be some fat on those prices, even accounting for the GST.

Still, the prices suggests that Apple is giving a $50 discount compared with its prices for the original iPad in April 2010.

The iPad 2 will be available in both white and black versions at the same price. The 3G module also appears to add $150 to the cost of the unit.

Apple has reportedly confirmed that the launch of the iPad 2 will take place this Friday, March 25.

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