Apple’s new iPad 2 features a 25-watt-hour (25Wh) Lithium-polymer battery that Apple says is good for up to 10 hours’ use.

It also comes with a 10-watt USB mains-powered charging unit to charge the battery back up again. But what about when you’re on the go – can you charge the iPad 2 in the car with something other than the supplied charger?

Yep, you can. Because the iPad 2′s charging cable is basically just a USB cable, you can use any USB powered port to charge it. It also means you can use one of the growing number of car USB DC to DC Converters. You’ll find them in most car/auto parts stores and electronics retailers. The one pictured is from Jaycar Electronics (cat. MP3042) and will cost you $10.

While Apple’s supplied AC mains charger will charge the iPad 2′s battery in around three hours, you’ll find this DC to DC Converter will take around five hours as it only puts out half the current (one amp at best) as the Apple charger. That said, this Jaycar DC/DC Converter actually puts out twice as much current as similar devices – 500mA is the norm.

And yes, the DC/DC converter has enough power to enable you to run the iPad 2 while its charging.

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