If you’re thinking about picking up an iPad 2 in Australia on Friday for someone overseas and you’ll be traveling there in the next month, here’s a simple way to save yourself 10% on the cost of your new iPad 2.

An excellent story over at Australian Business Traveller highlights a scheme set up by the Australian government, mainly for tourist but also accessible by locals called the Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS).

The are a number of rules to follow but they are pretty simple and can save you the GST cost on your iPad 2 purchase.

So for iPad 2 buyers, there are just two basic rules:

1. You must buy your iPad 2 within 30 days of departure (and you can use it before you leave), and,
2. Bring your iPad 2 as carry-on baggage – you’ll need to take your tax invoice along with your passport to a customs officer TRS facility at the airport no less than 30minutes of your departure. (If you’re travelling by boat, you must do this between one and four hours of your departure).

But before you start getting loaded, you won’t be able to bring the iPad 2 back into Australia. Australian Customs will likely require GST to be paid on goods bought in and returned to Australia.

The refund isn’t provided as cash but will be paid by cheque (posted by customs within 15 days), credit to an Australian bank account or to a credit card (usually within five days).

The TRS isn’t just for iPads – the scheme is available for most goods over $300. You can even have multiple goods totaling over $300 provided they’re all on the same invoice. If the goods cost over $1000, you’ll need to provide a name and address.

However, it means you can knock down the cost of your 16GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 from $579 inc. GST to just $521.

For more information, download the TRS PDF from Australian Customs.

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