Apple has filed a complaint against Samsung in the US District Court in California, alleging the Korean electronics giant’s Galaxy Tab product is a copy of its own iPad.

The iPad 2 maker is seeking an injunction to stop Samsung selling Galaxy Tab tablets as well as damages, both punitive and actual. It claims Samsung not only copied its use of hand gestures to move the screen but even down to box design and colour.

“The copying is so pervasive, that the Samsung Galaxy products appear to be actual Apple products — with the same rectangular shape with rounded corners, silver edging, a flat surface face with substantial top and bottom black borders, gently curving edges on the back, and a display of colorful square icons with rounded corners,” the complaint said, according to US PC World.

Samsung’s growing range of tablets feature Google’s rival Android operating system. Samsung is also a supplier of components, including flash memory, to Apple.

Bloomberg is reporting that Samsung will “respond actively” to the court action in an effort to protect what it sees as its own intellectual property.

Given the importance of the tablet market, it’s unlikely this will be the last court case we see of this kind between tablet brands.

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