amdChip maker AMD has turned in its first-quarter results for 2013 and while they don’t make for happy reading, they’re not as bad as was seen in the preceding quarters.

The struggling chip maker saw revenues reach $1.09billion for the first three months of the year, six percent less than the last quarter of 2012 but a full 31 percent down on the same period for 2012.

That brought in a net loss for the quarter of $146million. Still, that’s a whole lot better than AMD achieved for the final quarter of 2012, which registered $473million and the $590million loss at the start of last year.

AMD has struggled to maintain its market share in the face of strong competition from rival Intel. And with Intel set to launch its new Haswell processor platform at the end of May, it’s likely to represent difficult trading conditions for AMD for some time yet – at least in the personal computer space.

The chip maker is rumoured to have gained a significant win to power up the next-generation Microsoft games console unofficially dubbed ‘Xbox 720′. AMD has not confirmed the rumours as yet.

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