applelogoRumours are gathering that computing giant Apple has put a stop to component orders from suppliers for its Mac computer line-up.

The report from says that a number of suppliers have been left wondering what Apple’s next move is and when it will resume those component orders.

Sources in the report claim that Apple normally provides a shipping forecast for each quarter on its requirements, however, the company made no such forecast for the second quarter of 2013.

Speculation is that the PC slow down which has affected global shipments of PCs with a fall of nearly 14% during the first-quarter of 2013, may have also affected Apple’s desktop computer line-up, adding further fuel to the argument that consumers are dropping PCs in general, not just those with Windows 8, and heading faster towards tablets and smartphones.

The rumour is that Apple placed significant orders at the end of 2012 for Mac computer components but that those orders dropped to near nothing after the Chinese New Year holidays.

If Apple has been caught with a significant build-up of inventory, it would be an issue, particularly with chip supplier Intel expected to release its up-coming Haswell CPU platform towards the end of May. The 2012 orders will likely have been for previous-generation Ivy Bridge-based components as reports are that Intel’s hardware partners have only had Haswell parts (CPUs and chipsets) since March.

Haswell is expected to deliver significant battery life over Ivy Bridge with a number of ultrabook-ready parts being readied for release late-May.

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