ip5It’s no secret that Android is ripping up the smartphone market against Apple thanks to a swathe of budget-priced phones that deliver excellent value for money.

Apple continues to command a significant chunk of the market but the lack of a budget model other than out-dated previous-generation models is hurting the tech giant.

So it’s no surprise that rumours are on the march that Apple is considering a low(er)-cost option. What is surprising is that it could be as soon as July.

Topeka Capital Markets’ analyst, Brian White, after talking to suppliers and vendors, thinks that’s exactly what Apple is going to do, along side the up-coming phone rumoured to be the iPhone 5S.

Nothing like price points has been discussed but we think it’s likely Apple would aim for something around the $349-$399 mark, which would make Apple a more affordable option, not an ‘entry level’ option.

The key for Apple will be to ensure that if it launches the iPhone 5S along side a budget offering that the iPhone 5S has enough of a ‘wow factor’ to ensure the budget phone doesn’t take more eyeballs. The rumour mill is working over time with iPhone 5S suggestions of fingerprint access and other unique options.

But as Apple consistently never talks about unreleased products, we’ll just have to wait until July – if the rumours are correct.

[via ubergizmo]

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