It’d be fair to say that Microsoft’s Windows RT hasn’t exactly set the world on fire for sales. In fact, IDC has recently¬†gone further and all but laid the blame of the current PC slow down at the feet of the former high-flying software maker and its Windows 8 operating system.

However, it’s being reported that Dell is committing to Windows RT for the long haul.

The company is said to have future versions of the XPS 10 ARM-based tablet-convertible in the works and that they’ll be based on Windows RT.

Quoting Neil Hand, Dell Vice President: “it’s turned slower than we were hoping at this point in time. Over the long haul it shouldn’t matter if it is Windows on ARM, Windows on Intel, Windows on anything else”.

While Windows RT sales have been less than anyone would’ve hoped, partly due to a poorly-stocked app store, the other problem facing Windows RT tablet makers is the growing popularity of smaller seven-inch tablets and their considerably lower price points. That Apple launched the iPad Mini after Steve Jobs had famously called the small tablet form factor ‘dead on arrival’ is a case in point.

Microsoft will need to address the issue of OS license pricing at some stage. Whether it does it the same way it offered netbook makers low-cost licenses of Windows XP to keep Linux at bay during the early days of the netbook craze remains to be seen.

But it’s unlikely the software giant will be willing to give Windows RT away at just $15 a pop. At least not just yet.

[via PC World]

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