telstraIf you have all of your broadband devices hooked up to different accounts (your phone and your 3G tablet for example), keeping track of the data allowances remaining on each device can be a pain to remember. Telco giant Telstra looks set to provide a simpler solution by offering data plans that allow you to pool devices.

If you’re on Telstra and you’re managing multiple accounts, this could be a good option for allowing you to maximise your bandwidth regardless of which device you’re on. However, it could also be a problem if one person maxes out your data on one device, leaving you nothing on any other Telstra-logged device.

For those who manage devices for other users (say your kids), this could be dangerous as it’d be possible for one device to use up the entire group quota. But if you’re the only one using all the devices on your account, it’d be a way of maximising the total data you have in your monthly quota in a way that’s easier to manage.

At this stage, Telstra’s blog says nothing about how much, where or when other than to say ‘the next few months’.


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