msIf you’re buying an Android device as a way of making a point to Microsoft, you might want to stop and rethink your efforts.

A report by is claiming that many of the major Android device suppliers are now paying patent licensing fees to the software giant.

Samsung, LG, HTC, Acer, Viewsonic, Nikon, along with major third-party manufacturers of notebooks and devices, Compal, Wistron, Quanta Computer and now Foxconn are all now reportedly paying undisclosed license fees to cover use of Microsoft patents. Foxconn is said to have inked its deal with Microsoft on April 17.

The report says that while Google continues to give away its Android operating system, Microsoft would have a reduced chance of extraction licensing out of Google, so it has instead headed ‘downstream’ to hardware manufacturers of Google’s Android and Chrome devices.

With the slow-down in PC sales experienced during the first quarter of 2013 plus the slower-than-expected take-up of Windows 8, many market watchers are saying the root cause is the massive up-swing in tablet and smartphone sales. But with deals like this in place, Microsoft will have a much tougher time losing.

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