nexus4We’re all enamoured with the latest features inside most smartphones, but there’s always one feature we look for regardless of which phone we buy – battery life.

A phone without a charged battery is like a car without fuel and as phone features expand and processors grow more demanding on power, we’re all looking for ways to make that battery last for as long as possible.

So here are seven very simple but very effective ways to longer smartphone battery life:

1. Set screen brightness to minimum

Yes, everyone normally leaves the brightness setting to automatic but if you turn the automatic setting off and go with the minimum brightness, you’ll ensure the screen uses minimum power and gives you maximum run time for other features.

2. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

If you’re on the road, make sure you’re not driving and talking on your smartphone unless you’re using a Bluetooth speaker system or headset. But if you’re not talking, make sure you have both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features turned off. Bottom line, any function in your phone you leave powered up that you’re not using is just a waste of power. So, if you’re not using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, make sure they powered off.

3. Turn off the GPS

You might not realise this but the GPS sucks the life out of the phone’s battery faster than any other function. So, if you know where you are, turn off the GPS and your battery with thank you.

4. Turn off auto-app update

One of Google Play’s features is the ability to automatically update apps when new versions become available. The problem is that not only does it use up your data bandwidth, it also uses battery power. Any time you update apps, particularly when you’re using your 3G/4G connection, you’re using up battery power. So, again, turn it off and update your apps manually when you’re near an external power supply.

5. Turn off haptic feedback

Haptic feedback? That’s the vibration you get when you’re in silent mode or receive a message or tap a virtual key. It’s also a tiny eccentric motor inside your phone that runs to cause that vibration. These motors generally consume around the 60-80mA current mark – it’s not much but it all adds up. Turn this off and you can save more power.

6. Set the screen timeout to 15seconds

The screen timeout option automatically turns your screen power off if you don’t interact with your phone after a set time period. The minimum you can set this is 15seconds, but it’ll ensure you’re not unduly wasting battery life by leaving your phone with the screen powered up. If you’re not using it, at least the screen can turn itself off to save power.

7. Avoid playing action games

Okay, it might seem like we’re telling you not to breathe, but seriously, 3D action games not only require your CPU but its built-in graphics engine as well and that consumes even more power. So if you can, try to avoid playing 3D games on your phone and the battery will last considerably longer.


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