Take Dropbox, add a dash of Box, make it open source and allow it to run on your choice of server and you’ve pretty much got SparkleShare. It has its limitations but it also has plenty of potential if you’re prepared to work for it.

SparkleShare is an open-source collaborative alternative to Dropbox with no filesize or storage limits. That’s because you can set up SparkleShare on your own server so the storage limitation is just the size of the hard drive. You can also host it on developer-based sites such as GitHub or Gitorious (anywhere where Git repositories can be used).

Unlike commercial offerings where you see the final product, open-source apps are developed out in the open. That means SparkleShare isn’t finished. It’s also versatile enough to run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. There are also portable versions available for both Android and iOS. You need to know how to use Linux Terminal in order to set up so it’s not for computer newbies. But if you’re looking for a storage system with collaboration, auto folder syncing and costs nothing to get (and you’re ready to work for it), SparkleShare should be high on your list to investigate.


Techlogg says: Potentially the most powerful option we saw for personal and business use – just probably not for newbies.

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