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Apple sues Samsung, alleges Galaxy Tab copied iPad

Apple has filed a complaint against Samsung in the US District Court in California, alleging the Korean electronics giant’s Galaxy Tab product is a copy of its own iPad. The iPad 2 maker is seeking an injunction to stop Samsung selling Galaxy Tab tablets as well as damages, both punitive and actual. It claims Samsung […]

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The latest Apple rumour – a Smart TV?

There are always plenty of rumours swirling around about Apple. But the latest has the potential to pit Apple up against the world’s TV manufacturers with the release of a Smart TV. Combine Apple’s compact second-generation Apple TV network player with a big-screen TV with sufficient CPU capacity to support online purchasing of content and […]

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Acer forecasts 10% PC sales decline

Taiwanese PC giant Acer looks to be struggling in the notebook market at the minute with reports online that include job losses in China and sales falls of 10%. Reports on Taiwanese news site report on March 25 that Acer’s China operation would see 100 jobs or 10% of its workforce cut. The job […]

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How long should your first iPad 2 battery charge be?

It”s shiny, new and comes out in Australia and 24 other countries today. But if you’re planning on being one of the comparative few who’ll get one today, you might be asking yourself “will I need to charge the battery first?” Generally, the answer depends on who you talk to. Most devices are shipped with […]

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How to save 10% off your iPad 2

If you’re thinking about picking up an iPad 2 in Australia on Friday for someone overseas and you’ll be traveling there in the next month, here’s a simple way to save yourself 10% on the cost of your new iPad 2. An excellent story over at Australian Business Traveller highlights a scheme set up by […]

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