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Leaked Intel CPU roadmap for 2014 hits internet

Intel’s latest CPU technology looks as though it’ll be hanging around for a while. That appears to be the plan after VRZone gots its hands on what it claims to be a leaked Intel roadmap presentation slide covering the rest of 2013 and 2014. The roadmap shows Ivy Bridge-E won’t be appearing until later in […]


AMD still losing money, just not as much as before

Chip maker AMD has turned in its first-quarter results for 2013 and while they don’t make for happy reading, they’re not as bad as was seen in the preceding quarters. The struggling chip maker saw revenues reach $1.09billion for the first three months of the year, six percent less than the last quarter of 2012 […]

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Apple stops ordering Mac computer parts?

Rumours are gathering that computing giant Apple has put a stop to component orders from suppliers for its Mac computer line-up. The report from says that a number of suppliers have been left wondering what Apple’s next move is and when it will resume those component orders. Sources in the report claim that Apple […]

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Actions Semi launches low-cost ATM7023 dual-core A9 chip

Actions Semiconductor is one of the growing number of Chinese chip fabricators that seem to have sprung out of nowhere but has gained some decent traction in China with some low-cost ARM-based processors. So far, its quad-core ATM7029 Cortex A9 processor has seen strong sales amongst the cheaper tablet manufacturers on the mainland but today, […]

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Power a mini PC with two AA batteries

Mini PCs shot out of the gate in May 2012 and their numbers have swelled in the last 12 months as more and more models take advantage of chip designer ARM’s low-power consumption. However, while most of the available models take on the TV stick form factor, powering them has generally required either a USB […]

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