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IPS vs AMOLED vs SLCD – smartphone displays explained

You’ll spend most of your time looking at the display more than anything else but what are smartphone display panels made of? As with any technology, smartphone display panels are a mega business on their own. Japanese component and notebook giant Toshiba has had to brush aside rumours that Apple was planning to invest in […]

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Epson release projector replacement lamps for just $119

While big screen TVs have long been a staple in most entertainment rooms, nothing seems to bring out interest like watching sport or movies on a data projector. Whether it’s the “movie theatre at home idea” or just the idea of a really, really big screen, data projectors still deliver the big screen effect that […]

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Charging devices wirelessly – is it just an expensive gimmick?

The idea of being able to transmit power without wires is nothing new. US physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla came up with the idea over 100 years ago. But it’s never become a commercial reality. Why? Because using wires is cheaper and more efficient. And with power bills skyrocketing on the back of government-backed electricity […]

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Verbatim jumps into LED lighting early-2011

Better known for its optical discs and being a subsidiary of Japanese giant Mitsubishi Chemical, Verbatim is about to jump into the LED lighting market in Australia in 2011 with a new range of LED replacement lamps. The company says it plans to get into the domestic lighting market in early 2011 with a range […]

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Toshiba joins LED GLS lamp market

Japanese electronics giant Toshiba is joining the likes of Philips and Osram in the growing LED GLS lamp market. Called the E-Core range, it includes one of the brightest lamps so far, a 9-watt mini-reflector type. At present, all E-Core lamps appear to use Edison Screw (ES) bases. There appear to be no Bayonet Cap […]

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