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Nvidia’s Tegra 2 to power Acer, Asus, Samsung, Toshiba tablets in 2011

Chip maker Intel looks set to have some significant new competition in 2011, not necessarily for the computer desktop but certainly in portable/tablet/embedded applications. Graphics chip maker Nvidia has reportedly been kicking a few goals of late with its new Tegra 2 processor. So much so that reports the Tegra 2 chip will power […]

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Mozilla releases Firefox 3.6.4 with improved crash protection

Mozilla Foundation developers have come up with a solution to the all-too-common problem of plugins causing the Firefox browser to keel over. Releasing the new Firefox 3.6.4 for Linux and Windows, lead developer Mike Beltzner says the new version will handle plugin crashes more gracefully. “Results from our beta testing show Firefox 3.6.4 will significantly […]

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Dell a leader in Chrome & Android? Let’s see some product first.

OPINION: US computing giant Dell has reportedly told news agency Reuters in the last few days that it’s keen to be “one of the leaders” with anything new like Google’s Android and Chrome operating systems and is apparently in talks with the search giant to release Chrome on new netbooks. The Chrome OS is due […]

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Nokia preparing tablet PC for Q4 2010: report

Mobile phone giant Nokia is reportedly getting ready to release an ARM processor-based tablet computer in the fourth quarter of 2010. According to a report, the phone maker has 100 engineering samples doing the rounds, ready for testing. However, despite the claim, the report doesn’t know whether the device is a seven- or nine-inch […]

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HOW TO – Run Ubuntu 10.04 on a virtual machine in Windows XP, Vista or 7

If you’ve thought about trying Ubuntu or its lower-grunt-requiring sibling, Xubuntu, but haven’t had a spare PC to throw it on and you have wanted to do more than use a live CD, one simple way is to build a virtual PC. A virtual PC is basically a PC made entirely out of software. To […]

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