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The fastest way to charge your mobile phone

Smartphones are now an indispensible part of our lives – you only need to watch how some people panic when their phone’s battery goes flat to see that in action! But over the last three years, we’ve seen smartphone battery capacities at least double – HTC’s popular 2010 phone, the HTC Desire, featured a 1450mAh […]


Why the NSW Government electricity asset sale is a disaster for the state

COMMENT: Well, it’s finally happened. The NSW Labor Government has sold off the retail and generation arm of its electricity generation assets to foreign/private ownership. The only people that should be cheering this deal is the dead-duck state Labor government and the private entities OriginEnergy, which bought retailers CountryEnergy and IntegralEnergy and the output from […]


Charging devices wirelessly – is it just an expensive gimmick?

The idea of being able to transmit power without wires is nothing new. US physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla came up with the idea over 100 years ago. But it’s never become a commercial reality. Why? Because using wires is cheaper and more efficient. And with power bills skyrocketing on the back of government-backed electricity […]

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Notebook battery prices set to fall

One of the most expensive components in any notebook computer is the battery. In Australia, just jumping from a three-cell to a six-cell Lithium-ion battery can add as much as $100 to a $399 Intel Atom netbook. However, a report at says that due to rapid expansion by notebook makers and battery manufacturers, there […]

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Standardised notebook power bricks on the way – finally

Wouldn’t it be great if you lost your notebook power brick or somehow it was damaged that you could just walk into a computer shop and pick up an off-the-shelf replacement? Current notebook computers use a range of voltages and current ratings that requires numerous power bricks to be available and that makes standardised power […]

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