The fastest way to charge your mobile phone

Smartphones are now an indispensible part of our lives – you only need to watch how some people panic when their phone’s battery goes flat to see that in action! But over the last three years, we’ve seen smartphone battery capacities at least double – HTC’s popular 2010 phone, the HTC Desire, featured a 1450mAh […]


Who has the world’s cheapest 16GB iPhone 5 price?

Ever wondered how your country stacks up compared with others on the outright price of a 16GB iPhone 5 smartphone? We’ve crunched the numbers, taking the advertised price from the country’s local Apple store, comparing each country’s local currency and the exchange rate compared to the US dollar to see how they stand. We’ve tallied […]


Microsoft to add 3D printing support to Windows 8.1

While there has been much talk about what will and won’t appear in Windows 8.1, Microsoft has surprised everyone by announcing the operating system update will include native support for 3D printing. According to geekwire, the software giant will incorporate native support into the operating system, allowing users to print directly to a 3D printer […]

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Canon launches new EOS M DSLR camera firmware

Digital camera giant Canon has launched a new firmware update for its EOS M digital SLR camera. The firmware, version 2.0.2, available from,┬áprovides a much faster auto-focus speed and was originally announced on June 6.┬áThe update is said to make the EOS M’s One Shot AF work up to 2.3 times faster than previous. […]


Sparkleshare creates your own collaborative Dropbox

Take Dropbox, add a dash of Box, make it open source and allow it to run on your choice of server and you’ve pretty much got SparkleShare. It has its limitations but it also has plenty of potential if you’re prepared to work for it. SparkleShare is an open-source collaborative alternative to Dropbox with no […]