Printrbot Simple, the new $299 3D printer hits pre-sale June 24

US 3D printing startup Printrbot is set to launch one of the cheapest 3D printers ever on June 24 with a price of just $299. The Printrbot Simple has been in beta testing for the last few weeks but the company announced via email that the compact 3D printer would be available for ‘presale’ on […]


Acer’s new K335 LED DLP projector delivers 1000 ANSI Lumens

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are starting to take over in home lighting, thanks to their long life and low power consumption. But so far, the one place where they haven’t fared well is in data projection. While the light is generally white enough in colour temperature, the lack of output has been the one nagging drawback. […]


Leaked Intel CPU roadmap for 2014 hits internet

Intel’s latest CPU technology looks as though it’ll be hanging around for a while. That appears to be the plan after VRZone gots its hands on what it claims to be a leaked Intel roadmap presentation slide covering the rest of 2013 and 2014. The roadmap shows Ivy Bridge-E won’t be appearing until later in […]


Get your tablet on TV for under $4

Tablets are great for portable, personal use reading books, playing games and watching movies. But a growing number support big-screen TV playback thanks to their HDMI output. The problem is some tablets such as Toshiba’s AT1S0 don’t include a cable or adapter and you’re left to fend for yourself. There are two ways you can […]

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HTC to launch six-inch One Max smartphone in Q3 2013?

There seems to be a race on at the moment for who can launch the largest smartphone or ‘phablet’. While Samsung may decide to grab the title on the basis of its 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega, rival HTC might have something to say about it with rumours the Taiwanese phone maker is to launch a six-inch […]