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How long should your first iPad 2 battery charge be?

It”s shiny, new and comes out in Australia and 24 other countries today. But if you’re planning on being one of the comparative few who’ll get one today, you might be asking yourself “will I need to charge the battery first?” Generally, the answer depends on who you talk to. Most devices are shipped with […]

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RIM Blackberry PlayBook – will it succeed?

For years, the PC market was dominated by one operating system. A lot of people weren’t keen on it but it did provide one useful outcome – and that’s the fact that you could go as close as you could to guaranteeing that the software would run on your computer. Because just about every computer […]

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How to save 10% off your iPad 2

If you’re thinking about picking up an iPad 2 in Australia on Friday for someone overseas and you’ll be traveling there in the next month, here’s a simple way to save yourself 10% on the cost of your new iPad 2. An excellent story over at Australian Business Traveller highlights a scheme set up by […]

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Apple announces Australian iPad 2 pricing

Our story yesterday about leaked Australian iPad 2 pricing looks to have been on the money with Apple’s local Australian arm confirming the pricing is correct. The 16GB Wi-Fi model will have a recommended retail price (RRP) of $579 inc. GST, the 32GB Wi-Fi version, $689 inc. GST and the 64GB Wi-Fi model, $799 inc. […]

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Q&A – What’s iPad 2′s power consumption?

Based on what we know, the iPad 2 comes with a 25-watt-hour (25Wh) Lithium-polymer battery. Apple says it’ll provide up to 10 hours of life on light-duty (Wi-Fi only) applications. A simple bit of maths gives us 25Wh / 10 hrs or roughly 2.5-watts average, a bit more with 3G running (approx. 2.75-watts). It also […]

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