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Intel mobile platform chief quits

The man who led Intel’s Centrino development and brought us the Atom chip has resigned, Intel said today. In a brief announcement, the company said that Anand Chandresekher, general manager of Intel’s Ultra Mobile Group (UMG) will be leaving the company to persue other interests. His place will be taken by two vice-presidents of Intel’s […]

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Nvidia’s Tegra 2 CPU – finally cracking the big time?

Nvidia might be better known for its PC and notebook-based gaming graphics but despite some early struggles, the chipmaker looks as though it might be starting to kick some goals with its mobile-focussed Tegra 2 processor. According to online news source, Nvidia has picked up orders from phonemaker of the moment, HTC, for its […]

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Is this the world’s smallest netbook?

Netbooks have made a name for themselves for their small size and cost. But since the initial release of ASUS’ first netbook at the back-end of 2007, screen sizes have been increasing, starting at seven-inches, going to nine and now 10.1-inch netbooks are everywhere. The new Viliv N5 is challenging that with what must be […]

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Netbook demand stalls as Acer, ASUS get rid of stock

The once might netbook market appears to have stalled with news that netbook heavyweights ASUS and Acer have been chewing down on their stock levels. According to a report in, both players will now wait to gauge consumer demand before launching any new models. While the lack of demand is one part of the […]

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Intel begins culling Core i-series and Atom processors

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that Intel launched the first of its Core i-series processors or its first Atom chips aimed at netbooks and nettops. However, it appears all good things must come to an end as the company begins to issue end-of-life and product discontinuance notices for a range of popular processors […]

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