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AT&T starts Galaxy S4 pre-orders, shipping April 30

US telco giant AT&T has quietly begun taking pre-orders for Samsung’s next Galaxy S-series smartphone. The new Galaxy S4 will be available in black or white for $200 up-front on a two-year contract. While pre-orders are now being taken, the phone is expected to ship on April 30. Packing a 5.0-inch SuperAMOLED display with Full […]

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Quitting AT&T iPhone contract early soon to cost $325

US telecommunications giant AT&T is about to increase the pain for consumers who pick up or renew an iPhone contract and wish to terminate it early. In an open letter posted on its website, the company announced that any customer who picks up a smartphone (including the Apple iPhone) in a contract after June 1 […]

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AT&T gets ready for June release of Palm Pixi Plus

US telecoms giant AT&T has announced that it will be releasing its second WebOS phone on June 7. The phone is a compact version of the Palm Pre Plus called the Palm Pixi Plus, a fixed-keyboard smartphone smaller than the Pre Plus. Unlike the current iPhone, the Pixi Plus supports multitasking applications. It features a […]

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