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Video ads coming to Facebook in June, will earn $1million a day

Facebook is planning on launching new video ads on its website over the coming quarter. According to Ad Age, the social networking giant is looking for a cool $US1million daily rate for the four slots available on the site (nice money if you can get it). Nothing has been finalised regarding the format or size […]

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Facebook launches new multi-format messaging system

Internet juggernaut Facebook has finally answered weeks of rumours and launched a new multi-format messaging system. The new service will provide communications access to Facebook users over a number of options including instant messaging, email as well as SMS. According to Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg, every Facebook user who wants a new email address […]

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Amazon to launch new-and-improved Kindle DX on July 7

While online book giant has had a fight on its hands with rivals Borders and Barnes & Noble dropping prices on smaller six-inch e-book readers, the company is pushing to give even the iPad a run for its money with a new-and-improved version of its luxury reader. The new Kindle DX claims to offer […]

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Facebook banned by Indian government

Indian newspaper The Times of India is reporting that the Maharashtra Government has blocked access to online social networking site Facebook from its government offices in Mantralaya. Due to a drop in productivity and a rise in complaints, the government’s IT department was instructed to block the site after employees were allegedly seen spending “hours […]

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Indian traffic updates sent via Facebook, Twitter

Indian authorities are about to bring traffic control into the 21st century, releasing traffic update information to motorists via social networking sites. The Delhi Traffic Police will provide real-time updates on Facebook and Twitter, allowing motorists to decide the best times to travel. According to a report in the Hindustan Times, the move is in […]

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