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Google Glass heads Go-Kart Racing

See what happens when you put on some Google Glass and head Go-Kart racing. Nice. What’s interesting is that the video is incredibly smooth and much better than we’ve seen from plenty of mobile phones so Google has obviously done its home work with the video processing side of things. Be interesting to see just […]


Google posts first specs for Glass

Like most big-name brands, when it has news to launch, Google makes a big deal about it. And the news on Glass keeps on coming. After earlier today indicating that Glass devices were now rolling off the production line, albeit in limited quantities, Google has now begun talking actual physical specs, although not really in […]

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Google launches MyGlass companion app for Android

With news that Google Glass is starting to roll of the production line – albeit in limited numbers – the software side of the new device has come online. Google has just uploaded the first MyGlass companion app for Android on the Google Play app store. The app, which weighs 3.5MB, requires a minimum of […]

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Google Glass starts rolling off the production line

Google has just begun notifying all of its Glass devotees that the first few Google Glasses have begun rolling off the production line. According to techcrunch, the revolutionary device will begin launch in the next few weeks so that developers can try them before Google I/O conference begins on May 15. Google is expected to […]